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Mindfulness is a form of meditation which can help to reduce stress, increase self-compassion and allow those who practise it to understand their lives and experiences more fully. It is practised throughout the entire world by people from all cultures and a wide range of different backgrounds.

Mindfulness increases greater awareness and understanding of life, and cultivates non-judgemental and accepting attitudes towards the self and others.  Those who practise it regularly find that Mindfulness can help them in times of great difficulty or stress—either physical or emotional. The practice can be formal, through the regular practice of meditative exercises; and also informal, ultimately becoming a way of life.

One of the key qualities that Mindfulness emphasises is awareness—of thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, and stress reactions. This kind of awareness enables an understanding of the difference between automatic reactions and wakeful responses. A person who practices Mindfulness can be well-placed to make responsive choices, rather than repeating old habits and cyclical emotions, and therefore, can take an active part in improving health and well-being.

The intention to cultivate a moment to moment awareness of perceptions and experiences can lead to a more integrated and satisfying life. 





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