My Approach

My approach is to work collaboratively with you and with what you care to speak about. I offer a non-judgemental space within which to explore, through conversation, your feelings, thoughts and distressing experiences.

I believe that all people are unique and have the capacity to gain new emotional insights, and personal perspectives from the therapeutic process. Reflecting on feelings and thoughts that in other contexts and relationships might be unexplored, or even unacknowledged, can lead to a more purposeful and meaningful way of viewing the world and how you see your place in it.


Some of the areas I am experienced in:

Individuals: Family issues, emotional dilemmas, distressing feelings and thoughts, personal/relationship difficulties, bereavement and loss, sexual identity, post-traumatic life experiences, panic attacks, depression, low self-worth, anxieties, loss of direction.

Couples: Relationship differences, communication and conflict, emotional and sexual intimacy difficulties, loss of trust, relationship impasse, family problems, different parenting styles, end of relationship issues where children are involved.


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